Turkish Cuisine

In Turkey, as a result of its geographic and historic heritage it is possible to find a lot of diffrent kind of dishes. The dishes’ origins are especially coming from Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and of course from Anatolian. Although Turkish cuisine is especially known for its spicy, hot and meat dishes, vegetable dishes are also quite diverse. It can be considered as a paradise for vegetarians! Moreover, not only dishes but also desserts are quite diverse and appealing to every palate.

Must-try dishes and desserts other than kebab, doner, lahmacun and baklava: Turkish pita, Turkish ravioli, baked beans and rice pilaf, aromatic rice stuffed bell peppers with olive oil, wrapped grape leaves, lentil soup, rice pudding, kunafa, kadayif and ashoura.

(Ashoura pixabay.com)


Natural Landscapes

It is possible to see the geographic changes' marks in Turkey, which has been subjected to many changes in different periods since the formation of the earth. You may see different natural landscapes in each region! Although one of the best knowns of these is the rock-hewn sanctuaries in Nevşehir, there are many other natural landscapes that will fascinate you. For example, Pamukkale Travertines in Denizli/Pamukkale where lime is formed as a result of chemical reaction.

Natural wonders that you must see: Yedigöller National Park (Bolu), Late Tuz, Heaven&Hell Caves (Mersin), Saklıkent National Park (Muğla), Ayder Plateau (Rize), Girlevik Waterfall (Erzincan)...