Ankara is the capital of Turkey. (not İstanbul.)  And since it is the capital, this city has a lot of things to offer. So let's start:

1. Good Universities

We know Erasmus is not only about education but just for only travelling and having fun.  So it is essential to study at a good university. When it comes to university, Ankara has the best ones.  Ankara University, Hacettepe University, Gazi University or Middle East Technical University... You can prefer any of them without hesitation.

2. City Life

Life is simple and systematic in Ankara. There is no traffic jam or complicated metro lines. Everything is in order. It is almost impossible to get lost. So it is easy to live and learn even for the newbies.

3. Public Transportation

There is nowhere that you can't go by public transportation in Ankara. Metro and bus lines are broad. There are also minibuses, cable cars and trains for your travels.

4. Travelling Intercity

When you look at the map you can see that Ankara located in the centre of the country.  That makes Ankara a perfect beginning point for travels. You can go to any city in Turkey from Ankara by plane, by bus or by train.

5. Nature in the city

Ankara is also famous for its parks and lakes.  So when you get tired or bored with city life, you can go and take some fresh air. While doing that you don't need to move away from the city centre, there are beautiful parks located around the city centre. Here are some recommendations:

  • Lake Eymir
  • Botanic Park
  • Kuğulu Park
  • Seymenler Park


6. Home for social and cultural events

Are you looking for theatre, cinema, opera, ballet or art galleries, museums, historical places?

Are you looking for fancy restaurants or local eating house?

Are you looking for clubs, bars or cafe, pubs where you can grab a coffee and have a quick chat with your friend?

Maybe you are looking for all of them or maybe you are looking for something else.

It doesn't matter what you are looking for, you will find it in Ankara for sure.

7. Cheap

It is a fact that Ankara is cheaper than other capitals in Europe. It is also cheaper compare to İstanbul. So you can survive easily with your Erasmus scholarship in Ankara.

1 Euro = 9, 37 Turkish Lira (21 Dec. 20)

8. Bonus: Aspava

Aspava is a  Turkish cuisine restaurant which only serves in Ankara. It is best known for its delicious treats. These treats are enough to make you full without eating your main course. And the best way is all treats are for free. 



Written by Doğan Mert Hüsvereoğlu