Surviving in Ankara

Hi! Welcome to Ankara!

Firstly, I would like to say, congratulations! Oh, great job to you to tackle the fear of leaving the hometown to the city where everything is going to be new for you. However, do not worry! You came with the right decisions!

Surviving in Ankara might take you some time to get used to; the city life, transportation, food or even the culture of Ankara’s people. First thing first, as I actually write this from the same perspective as you; the foreigners living in Ankara, I do faced a lot of difficulties in the adaptation once I came here. Why? Because everything is insanely different from my culture! Could you imagine surviving here in terms of the food that you didn’t even ever taste it before yet becoming your three times meal now? Yes, absolutely, I do enter this phase but successfully encountered it with the support of many people behind it.

So, this writing, is for you! For those of you who seek help to pass the adaptation phase quickly (because I know it wasn’t easy at all). I am here to help!

What is the first thing coming to your mind about the surviving tools in a foreign country? For me, yes, it is definitely a meal! You would not be able to survive the entire days of your stay without the food, as it is the crucial part yet the challenging part as well! Hua! However, as long as you stay in Ankara, do not dare to worry. Why? We have so many kitchens that you are probably looking for. Starting from the far east Asian to the edge west of America, it spreads in the entire place across the city. I am going to place some dots below for the recommendation place! Hope it helps 

  1. Quick China (Asian Kitchen)
  2. La Gioia (Italian Kitchen)
  3. Ranchero Atakule (Mexican Kitchen)
  4. Rice & Spice (Middle Eastern Kitchen)
  5. Kruvasante (Croissant Bakery)
  6. Uyghur (East-Turkish Kitchen)
  7. Afro House (African Kitchen)

Second, I will come to the entertainment facilities that you could enjoy supporting your surviving times in here! There are so many places offering us many games and sports including bowling, trampoline, and not limited to the sightseeing. Starting from the cable cars that allow you to travel from one station to another station in featuring the local houses and landscapes, the big game park called “Luna Park” with the affordable price, as well as the big library belongs to the government that is going to be your comfortable place when the exams come. I will attach all the address of these great places that waiting for you to visit for!

  1. Bowling
  2. Trampoline
  3. Luna Park
  4. Cable car (Teleferik)
  5. Library (Millet Kutuphane)


And, lastly, you can survive here by discovering the city more! In Ankara, you can find many historical places with its own different story, the lakes with park and restaurants around it; it will help you to have short gateway, and many important museums of the country.

In the historical places, the old area called (Hamamonu) could be the best option to visit, since there are countless cafés and Turkish food that you can try! As Ankara does not have any sea (sadly), you can always go to the lakes for breathing the fresh air. The biggest lake in Ankara called “Mogan Golu” located at the last city at the Ankara border known as “Golbasi”. It takes pretty long way, but believe me, it will be worth! And, don’t forget museums for those the museum's lover, because Ankara definitely offering a huge amount of it! Wow!

I will make a special travel list for you, so make sure to see!

  1. (Historical Place) Hamamonu
  2. Mogan Lake
  3. Museums: (The museum of Anatolian Civilizations) (The museum of Turkish Republic) (The museum of Painting and Sculpture)

Yeay! We finished the surviving-so-called-guide. Believe me, it just takes time to adapt until you're finally in love with this city as I did! So, hang on, there are countless exciting memories and moments that you will discover soon.

So, Welcome to Ankara and Enjoy the city!


Written by Putri Ayesha