Ankara is a city where civilizations have ruled since the first ages. It is located in the middle of Anatolia. It is the capital of Turkey. Our great leader Atatürk made Ankara the capital.

There are many historical and touristic places such as Atakule, Painting and Sculpture Museum, Ankara Castle, Beypazarı at the beginning of the places to be seen in Ankara. The most important of them is Anıtkabir. In addition, state administration units are also located here. That is why it is also called the city of officers. It has a continental and harsh climate.

It is an ideal city for students. As a metropolitan city, entertainment opportunities are much more abundant compared to smaller cities. It has easy access to public transportation; you can easily reach any part of the city you want to.

There are many nature parks in Ankara. Eymir Lake Park is the first one you should go to. With its easy access to bike paths and a gorgeous walk by the lake.

Ankara is a sprawling city with lots of shopping for its locals and tourist. With lots of variety such as designer clothing to souvenirs that you are able to purchase.

The city has many different kinds of special traditional dishes. A few of its famous dishes are test kebab, pumpkin dessert, and head trotter soup.

 You can not leave without trying Beypazarı Kurusu, a special local cookie in Beypazari. There are many public sport facilities in Ankara. Carpet pitches, walking tracks, tennis courts, basketball courts and children's playgrounds are found in every park.

Ankara is one of the most beautiful capitals in the world, and it is more than worth visiting, seeing, and exploring.

You won’t regret it : )


Written by Rezzan Sahara