Have you ever witnessed a tradition you never knew? Have you ever wished to taste a dish you've never tried or to move in abroad for some period of time?

There are too many experiences hidden on the horizon.

#AccesibleExperience #ESNturkey 

As an Erasmus Student Network volunteer, we know that participating in a student mobility programme abroad is accessible for every individual. With the Accessible Experience Conference, we are willing to share our belief with our friends with disabilities.

PS: The conference is free for the participants.

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The conference is going to be very interesting through the presentations, interviews, a variety of activities and also the agenda. 

In addition, we are going to have some guests with disabilities who have experienced an exchange program before and some who are currently studying in abroad. Also, the participants and the speakers will have a chance to meet and share their experiences with each other.

A sign language interpreter is going to accompany the speakers and 
the participants for the accessibility of the conference.

Accessible Experience Conference is organized within the Erasmus Student Network Turkey ExhangeAbility Programme and the conference is supported by the Erasmus Student Network Turkey SocialErasmus Programme.

For your questions and opinions, you can contact the organization team through erisilebilir-deneyim@esnturkey.org e-mail address or you can directly send a message to the Erasmus Student Network Turkey's Facebook Page.

Web Site:

Ankara University - ATAUM
Meeting Point: 
Ankara University - Cebeci Campus
  • Everyone is invited.