Dear erasmus people, erasmus days are coming soon! ESN Ankara University has 2 different events for 2 days on 12-13 October. 

  • For first day, raising intercultural understanding is the aim of the day, dance night is organised, in that day several cultural musics will be played and dances will be showed. It will be start at 19.00 in Roxanne (@roxannepub ). 
  • On second day all erasmus students will meet for intercultural lunch between 11.50-13.30 in ATAUM and taste foods of different cultures then as a last stop meeting will be hold on The Muddy Waters (@the.muddy.waters ). 

Don't make any plan for those days! #ErasmusDays #ESNAnkarauni #ESNTurkey

12/10/2018 to 13/10/2018