Grupas Gelişim is a corporation which was founded in 2010 and provides service about professional management consultation and educational fields. Despite the corporation is seven years old, thanks to its founders' 30 years of experience in and experiments about industry and production area, today the corporation is seen as Turkey's leading corporation in information transfer.
Yalın Academy gives education to corporations' and personnels' to make more productive and efficient works and it supports corporations in this direction. Via experienced educators who have grown on the pitch and its unique education Yalın Academy has a purpose of part taking in corporations' training strategies and choose to make progress with common goals. For ESN Turkey's 40 Sections' they will provide self improvement conferences with the cooperation with Yalın Academy and ESN, Yalın Academy's educations will supply %25 discount opportunity for all students who are in ESN Turkey. Also Yalın Academy will give us support as a moderator and speaker in ESN's events and in events which are organized by Yalın Academy a stand will be given to ESN for promotion.