Dear ESN Card holder,

We work hard to make Ankara ESN the best in Turkey. Your ESN Card is one good way we contribute to Erasmus students’ experience.

Starting from today, ESN Card holders now get discounted service at COFFEE BUS, “the best way to drink coffee”.

Whenever you want to get your daily coffee shot in the morning or your coffee boost just before the exams… COFFEE BUS is your best choice. It’s got 4 shops around Ankara + a caravan moving around the city.

Just show your ESN Card (+ the sticker they’ll give you) to the cashier and you’ll get an instant 10% discount off your purchase in the shops, and a 15% discount at the caravan (if you can catch it!).

Your ESN Card will get even better with time. Stay tuned to not the new sponsorship deals we will announce in the near future…